A lifelong resident of New Orleans, Shirley s. Doiron received a BA from SLU in 1970.  MED from UNO in 1978 and studied for her Phd at Tulane University.  Art has always played a large part in Shirley's life.  For the past thirty years, she has studied art history, art philosophy, and a multitude of art mediums pastels, graphite, pen & ink, egg tempera, acrylics, oils, and watercolors.  She holds membership in several organizations.  

Shirley has spent years using her art to reach-out to the disabled and disadvantaged students.  In addition, she designs logos for country clubs, civic associations, educational programs, yearbooks, and cookbooks.  She is described as one who captures the absolute realism of her subject matter, the kind of details that reach out to create dialog with observers.  Her paintings are displayed in the US Department of Education in Washington DC.  Currently, Shirley is studying in the style of the "Grand Masters", with friend and mentor, Larry Casso, at the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy. ( Shirley's Bio)