Art is often subtle and thought-provoking.  At other times, art can be like a whack in the side of the head.  The work of Carolyn King is a combination of each approach, which produces her personal expression of well-being.  No matter the subject of the painting, the whimsical joy of the artist shines through each new creation.  "In school, art projects never produced an A for me.  I never managed to master the art of coloring in the lines.  I had my own ideas of where the colors should travel."  Ultimately, her art woould begin with painting feelings in colors, then adding detail of lines. (from the interview by Kathleen DesHotel of the Times-Picayune, February 7, 2012.)

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and now resides in Mandeville, Louisiana.  Her work has been in many shows and exhibits through out the greater New Orleans area and won multiple awards.  Most Saturdays she exhibits and sells her work at the Mandeville Trailhead Market on Lafitte Street.  She can be contacted by email,  ( Carolyn King's Bio)